Monday, July 23, 2007


Okay, so at what point in life do you wake up one day and realize
you can no longer call your better half "babe?" That it becomes
extremely tacky. When is it uncool to be on MySpace and think
"Entourage" is the coolest show ever. When are you too old for
these things. What is that age marker when you become, "Hey
Maam" instead of "Hey Miss." Is it motherhood, ya think? Is it
30? Is it 40? I know I'm there but I can't help it. I'm stuck
in in time warp and NEVER WANNA GROW UP! So even though our
teenage kids think it's way too tacky, I'm still gonna keep being
a kid at heart. I'm going to call my husband "babe" or honey
(depends on the mood) - at least it shows I still love him -I'm
going to stay tuned on Sunday nights to see what the hell "Ari"
is up to and I'm going to keep playing on MySpace as long as I
can. Hey, at least I can still talk about my partying days and
"Jack Daniel" shots and the good ol'days like it was yesterday -
cause it was - just kidding! Personally, I think YOU ARE NEVER
TOO OLD FOR ANYTHING! and to those who think it's tacky - too bad!

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