Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay, so there are only 3 more days and school
officially starts in our household! Yes, we've
still technically been on summer vacation.
Can you imagine?

It's going to be an interesting year with a
kindergartner and a senior in the house (in
the same school!!!) My little kindergartner
will be a little v.i.p. among all the cool seniors.
That's not the part I'm freaking out about.
What freaks me out is the realization that for the
next 20+ years I have to deal with school all
over. Ugghhh! I thought that was it, no more
homework, no more listening to authority and teachers
who sometimes are genuinely clueless. My G-d did
I hate school. I was a pretty good student in the
whole scope of things but yuk, just the whole concept
of having to sit there all day and then come home
and DO homework!! How in the world am I going to be
a good example? Yikes!

And lets not even talk about the waking up early part.
I spent my high school years waking up at 5:45a.m.
to make it to school on time b/c I lived so far away
and now here I go again!! My little munchkin has
to be up by 6a.m. to make it to school on time. I know
I know I'm whining already but I really don't do mornings
well. So I guess this weekend is MY last official
weekend to sleep and be homework free for a long long

I promise myself I will try to be the best possible
example and help with homework, wake up early (joyfully)
(yeah right!) and always respect authority in front
of my children!

Wish me luck!!

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