Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So we're celebrating the Jewish New Year and I'm preparing the
memorial candles and my daughter says, "Mommy, can I blow
those candles out?" I say, "No way, you know those are in
memory of our loved ones. We will light one for my mommy,
your sister & brothers mommy, and Papi's mommy." She says,
What about Papi's Daddy? Oh, my goodness, you're right,
I forgot," I say. She replies, "Oh, and why don't we light one
for Abuela, she's almost dead."

Can you imagine?! I didn't even bother to ask which of her
great-grandmothers she was ready to "kill off." She's been
quite worried lately since they both turned 80. She knows
eventually time runs out and was ready to jump the gun and
light a candle. Yikes!!

I'm sharing this here ONLY cause I know my grandmas
won't be reading this blog! LOL!

L'Shana Tovah...

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