Thursday, September 27, 2007


The other night I was reprimanded by my 5-year old
and rightly so. I was with the kids at night trying to
make dinner, feed the baby, clean up- you know, the whole
nightly crazy routine without any help because the hubby
was not home.

I'm carrying the baby in my arms and I grab a container
of "banana puffs" to give him. (You moms know what that is!)
And bam, he smacks my hand and spills puffs ALL over the
floor. In my frazzled state I yelled (rahter loudly): MIIII--CHAEL!!
and put him down on the floor, as I attempt to clean up the

Well, Chi Chi was right there wathcing the whole thing
and yelled back at me. "Hey, don't yell at your baby!"
You hurt his feelings. You don't yell at babies. Say your
sorry." I said, "You are right, you're right, I'm sorry, I got
frustrated, I shouldn't yell." "No, don't say sorry to me, she says,
say sorry to Michael!" I humbly apologized before my children
and realized how very fragile they are and at the same time
how strong they can be.

At that very moment I knew I had done the right thing in
giving my little girl a baby brother to love & protect
and cherish forever.

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