Thursday, October 25, 2007


Okay, so remember how I told you about my "girl's night" out for the J.Lo concert? Well, I've decided to literally make it a girls night out and take the GIRLS, my girls. I'm taking Chi Chi and her older sister, Loo to the concert and we're meeting my good friend, Deb a.k.a. "La Bruja." Deb & I have gone to a million concerts alone in all our partying music biz days, so I figured this would be a different experience, especially for my munchkin. Not to say she hasn't already been to some fabulous concerts (luckier than most kids I would say): Gloria Estefan, Diego Torres, Victor Manuel, Juanes & Laura Pausini. A few perks from when we were in the biz. But now it's back to the old fashion way. Pay an arm & a leg for concert tickets! Doesn't matter though that the tix were $$ or that it's a school night, right? I mean really, in the whole scope of things does it really matter if she gets to school the next morning at 9 or 10 instead of eight a.m? I think not. It will however, make a big difference to go to a fantabulous "(big people") concert, especially with her big sister, who she adores (or is it whom?)

I haven't told her yet so it should make for a great surprise. She did tell me though that she wants to go b/c she heard me talking to the hubby about it. So we'll see what happens and how long she'll sit through the double concert. I can't wait to find out!

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