Sunday, October 7, 2007


"Take care of your baby!" she yells at me as the baby cries" (like she's MY mother!) "Dora The Explorer is for babies" (as I naively try to have her watch it on TV) "Mommy, what are boy cooties" (Oy! already I think with these silly school-aged games.)

These are just a few of the things coming out of my little girl's mouth recently. Where along the line did she already grow
up? I mean really "Dora The Explorer is for babies." This was fine for her not even 6 months go. Dora was her life. IS she turning into a big kid already? I can't handle that! I know I know, she's still a kid but the other night, after this huge pow-wow we had at home with our "ever-loving volatile teenager", it hit me that you only get a few good years with kids and then bam it's all drama after that!

Seriously, I know it sounds dramatic but it was quite depressing. Doesn't matter how much love, attention, gifts, affection you give a kid, when they hit adolescence, man it's the wrath gone wild. They want to get away from you as fast as they can. College seems like a field of dreams! You have until about age 7 maybe 8 when things are still peaceful, then starts pre-teen years, then the horrific teen years and then the I'm almost not a teen anymore but I still need you to support me years! Aaghh!!! This is why those few little comments out of my little munchkins mouth along with the pow wow left me in such a blah mood.

You never really appreciate your parents until they are gone or at least until you become a parent yourself. I know I appreciate mine sooo much now. I just pray I can enjoy my children's childhood for as long as possible. So in the whole scope of things, when she ask me to sleep in our bed with us, I will say yes. When she wants to play outside, I will not say it's too late, or it's too hot, when my kids want to wrestle with me and be silly, I will willingly oblige. I'm in no hurry
to explain Cooties or have Dora The Explorer out of our house!


  1. Lol...& it's only the beginning - trust me!

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