Friday, November 9, 2007


Like I mentioned in a previous post, Marc Anthony was amazing. Just hearing his one song, "Valio La Pena" was worth the drive, the ticket price and everything else. He kicked a$! He sang for one hour and kept the crowd dancing and smiling the entire time. Oh! He even did an excellent rendition of Journey's "Open Arms" and dedicated it to his wife. That's when the audience went crazy.

When J.Lo finally came out about 10p.m. she looked as fabulous as I had seen in all the pictures. She danced her butt off and spun and jumped and walked around in those heels like the diva that she is. Her outfits were gorgeous. The gold one is the one that gave away the baby bump big time. Although, with all that dancing and spinning, Debbie & I were doubting if she was really pregnant. Damn, we thought. Remember when we were five months pregnant. I'd be luckily to get in a walk around the block let alone one hour of non-stop dancing & singing.

There had been so much talk about her not performing up to par since she was supposedly pregnant. I had been told that her previous concert on Saturday night was okay but she did not dance like her usual self. Can I tell you, she out did herself ( I mean you know for a pregnant performer!) As she pranced around and sang, you could hear audience members mumbling stuff about the baby and is she really pregnant etc..

Well, she too sang for one hour and then at the end, she came out dressed in this beautiful long gown (turqouise color, I would say.) From the left side of the stage, out came Marc to join her in a duo. The crowd went nuts. They sang beautifully together and when the song was over they kissed and embraced. An embrace that lasted an eternity for being on stage. When she moved away from Marc, it was like she was surprised to still see the audience. It was so cute. At that moment with a big smile and teary-eyed, she held Marc's hand and walked closer to the audience. She started talking about how great her 1st tour was and her first Spanish album and her 1st this and that.

She stressed how throughout the whole tour, they (she & Marc) wanted the tour to be only about the music and the concerts but NOW, this was their last concert night. She thanked the crowd once again and wanted to share something with them/us. She said, ""Marc and I are expecting." Now the crowd REALLY went wild, myself included!! I know, how did this happen, when did I become such a groupie? Probably since I don't have to work in the business anymore, I can really show how I feel about an artist, and I have to tell you, I LOVE these two!!

Marc looked rather shocked that she spilled the beans and he said something like, "I didn't expect her to talk." Still he bent down and kissed her belly. Then the most climatic moment of the whole concert. They sang one more song together. A song that seemed perfect for them, although it was written way before they were even an item, it was perfect. As she stood a few feet away from him, he sang, "Dime porque lloras?" She responded, "De felicidad." And so they finished off "No Me Ames." You have to be bilingual to truly appreciate this moment and this song and it's lyrics. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful conert.

Good luck to them both and thanks for an amazing girls night out!

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