Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So my girls night out has turned into kind of a flop and I haven't even gone out yet! Murphy's Law - of all the days, Chi Chi woke up this morning with a fever! Not that there is any good day for a fever but man!! I tell her first thing this morning that if she doesn't take medicine she cannot go with me. If you don't know her let me tell you that she absolutely REFUSES to take any kind of medicine. Doesn't matter how horrible she's feeling she will NOT. The only thing she insisted upon through all her tears was "Mami, please let me go to J. Lo with you!"

So I guess we'll see what happens. Her big sister is not going with us ("unexpected" plans came up!)and I have to meet "La Bruja" somewhere, so it's not really the plan I envisioned. I just pray my Chi Chi feels better and holds out for J.Lo because Marc come out first! Yikes! Let's hope at least the concert is good. So much for so much planning!

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