Saturday, December 15, 2007


I watch the news all the time. It's never anything good but I'm use to hearing about car accidents, robberies, murders etc...It is not pleasant but somehow you become oblvious to the real danger of it all. Until, yesterday when I read about the horrific crime that took place right here in South Florida in a mall that I use to shop at!!! A mother and her eight-year old daughter were killed. That's right, 8 years old! What is the sense in that? This news hit me like a ton of bricks. How scary is it to know that this poor lady went shopping with her little girl and never made it home. Not because of a car accident or some freak accident of nature. No, some BASTARD, tied them up and shot them both point blank. They were found the next morning in their SUV that was still running. The police think it may be the same guy who abducted another mother last summer in the same place. I cannot tell you how frightening I find this news.

What is the world coming to that someone would resort to killng an innocent littel girl and of course her mother. They say it was a robbery but to kill a child over a robbery seems kind of bizarre. The scariest part is that the guy is still on the loose. Are people that seperate for money or just that sick? We have to do something!

You take every moment for granted until you hear something terrible like this. I am publicly acknowledging how grateful I am for my family my children and pray to G-d that they will always be safe and healthy.

I hope they catch the son-of-a-bitch who did this and fry his ass. Until then, we must all be more vigil and cautious especially during the holiday season. May G-d Bless this poor woman & child's family.

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