Friday, February 1, 2008


This is the month of my BIG bday and I'm freaking out!! Middle age! Looking at it optimistically of course, assuming I can reach age 80! Whew! Wow, when did I get this old? I mean I know it's still young in the whole scope of things but I remember when MY parents were this age!

I was strolling the hallways of our children's school today (which goes through highschool) and there I was walking among the juniors and seniors and the sad part was that I can no longer be confused for anyone of these students! LOL! Nope, it was quite obvious -I was the mom! But hey, although I'm really freaking about turning the big 4-0 I have to say I couldn't be more blessed! I have the most beautiful wonderful children and a husband who loves me and puts up with my bitcy-self (and hey, that's not easy!)

So, as I count down to the end of the month, I count my blessings and will enjoy Valentine's and my wedding anniversary too along the way!

What a fabulous month!

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