Monday, June 30, 2008


Okay, so obviously I've been in a writer's rut because I have not posted anything in so long but didn't want to blog down my readers with more political depressing news and high gas price stoires. Oh, and $5.50 a gallon for milk!! Yes, I paid $5.50 yesterday at a Farm Store! Remember those! I will move away from that today. Just for today but don't think I won't keep venting in a few days!

Anyway, I figured I'd get back to the original topic of my blog. When I first started writing it was to keep everyone informed of the situation with my hubby's kidney transplant. One year after he ALMOST had the transplant, we are back to square one. Waiting for a donor. Actually, we are waiting to see if the hospital implements the cross-match program, where I can donate a kidney to someone, so that he can recieve one from someone else. We have been working with the Allied Paired Donation program and they tell us that they might be about a month or two away from implenting the program here and that hopefully we would be the first ones on that list! Whew!
The only new information that does have me stressed is that the surgeon told us the operations would have to be concurrent meaning we would both have to be operated on
at the same time (which makes sense, so I don't chicken out or anyone else in the group for that matter), leaving our younger children with two parents under the
knife! Talk about stress.

So, we will continue the waiting game and pray for a healthy kidney donor somewhere out there that is compatible with blood type B and the same

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