Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So we are finally here in NYC. The actual flight was uneventful, thank G-d. The only thing though was for the first time ever I was actually worried. Not about me but for Ser. Right before we were about to board, he got really weak and pale and looked like he was about to pass out. I'm sure there was a lot of anxiety too but he is definitely feeling the symptoms of end stage renal failure. I am very glad we are here already and it's almost time. I tried to help him out and hold his hand and tell him to breathe as we were boarding but it really wasn't helping. For a few minutes I actually thought we might not get on the plane, which freaked me out.

Luckily, after a little while and a turkey sub and Sprite, he was starting to feel better. It was hard to be focused on him when I too was feeling so anxious. It's kind of a weird scenario because we are supposeto be supportive of each other but we each have our own anxiety and worries. It's hard for me to vent and share my feelngs with him because I don't want him to feel guilty at all in anyway.

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