Friday, November 7, 2008


So many people who know me are asking WTF? Why didn't you tell us you were doing something like this? I'm sorry. I actually did not tell anybody probably b/c I did not want to get any grief from anyone as I got from my dad & brother - but then again what can I expect - they worry about me! It's not like I haven't considered every possible outcome, risk, and my children every step of the way. Some agree, some may not but regardless, my decision is made and I am moving forward.

The hardest part for me in all this is the kids - obviously. If you don't know how close to me Chi Chi is - well, she is! She freaked out just when I left that one day and a half last week. I don't even want to imagine for 10-12 days!! I know it's a little bit of an overreaction. Some say, she's spoiled and too attached to me, but what exactly is too attached? I mean really, do we know how long we are all going to live? No! So, then enjoy every damn minute and spoil your kids and let them sleep with you and kiss you to pieces because soon enough it will end. Huh! How's that for dramatic?

I'm still not sure what to do with her (Chi Chi.) I think I have decided to make Minerva's (the babysitter/surrogate grandmother of sorts- in absence of the real ones!) house home base. Michael, our almost two-year old, absolutely feels comfortable with her and Chi Chi pretty much does too. The thing is she will also want to be with her big sister, Lauren when she (Loli) returns from Texas Nov 23/24th. In case you missed it on a previous posts their older siblings, Jason, Aaron & Lauren are all going to a family bar-mitzvah in Texas that has been planned forever. It's a good distraction for the older kids but not for my little ones!

Chi Chi of course wants to take up the offers we have to stay at her best friends house and somewhere in the picture I figure my dad & brother will step in but I really don't want her moving around like a gypsy! Even her amazing Kindergarten teacher from last year has offered to take her home with her, which I have no doubt she would love but I really feel I have to keep my kids together.

I think my real problem will be when I come home and have to re-cooperate. I cannot deal with the kids then because I have to be resting and cannot do any heavy lifting. Can you imagine, I cannot carry Michael for almost 4-6 weeks. That's heart-breaking! I'll deal with it but its heart-breaking.

So if anyone wants to "crash" over for a few days we'll have a slumber party. LOL! Well, not ANYONE!!

We'll see how it all turns out! I work best under pressure.

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