Wednesday, November 26, 2008


WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26th - Today we went back to the hospital, New York Presbyterian, for Sergio's first follow-up appointment. He saw his surgeon and was examined by his neprholgist, Dr. Crew. He said he looked well and his inicision was fine. Thankfully, Sergio does not have any of the symptoms that make doctors worry, like fever, chills, shaking, trouble urinating - NONE OF THAT! They drew blood, which is the most important part of the visit, but we will not have those results until much later this afternoon or tomorrow. These results will indicate where his creatnine levels are and how his blood (anemia) is. So lets pray for some progess.

I got very lucky as we were leaving because MY surgeon, Dr. Sandoval was standing right by the counter on my way out. I told him I was a bit worried about one of my incisions that it was getting bumpy but he checked it out and siad that it was fine. It was the way it was sutured up, the reason it's looking like that but that all was fine!!

I will keep you posted on Sergio's blood results.

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