Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, after 2 weeks and a few days I have developed some strange rash in my torso area and on my incisions from surgery. At first, the itchiness started on my incisions themselves and everyone was saying that it was healing . Then it started to spread. Last night I was up from 1:30a.m. - 4.a.m. like a dog with fleas! I don't think it could be the actual incisions because I have a rash a lot of other areas like my sides and under my breast area that are not even close to the small cuts.

I am dreading all kinds of things wondering what it could be. I, of course had to "google" my symptoms and I don't really have a definitive conclusions. Could it be shingles (G-d forbid!), bed bug bites (eek!), allergic reaction to the steri-strip tape? (it was not all over my body the tape), late reaction to anesthesia?

Since I don't have my M.D. hat on anymore, I'm taking a Benadryl and going to the doctor tomorrow!!

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