Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Two weeks after donating my kidney and coming home from the hospital things are moving along. I drove today again for the first time since the surgery. I obviously could have driven way before but I have a lot of over protective powers that be in my life! It went well. I was still a bit uncomfortable making some turns and stuff, so I grabbed a Starbucks coffee, did some groceries and opted to chill the rest of the day. Still not 100%. I have this strange rash that I better keep an eye on.

Sergio ventured out last night into FREEZING weather much to my disappointment, but I guess that's what you do when you are "living" in New York and are cooped up all day. He's been going to clinic and everything seems to be going the right way. He has some incision pain and says that coughing and sneezing are pretty rough (I can relate to that one!) All in all, it's pretty amazing where we are now as compared to 2 weeks ago. :o)

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