Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay so we've been through a lot lately and I'm thinking, things should just smooth out for a while and let us catch our breath. You know, with this whole health thing we went through but no! Of course, life doesn't work that way! It's always something! When one thing goes wrong, it seems everything follows. I've been quietly job-hunting because so far this blog is not bringing in any money unless of course, you are an advertiser who wants to promote something here??? Wishful thinking, I know. But anyway,luckily, I don't have any major gripes or life threatening problems - had enough of that. But lately I'm starting to think, perhaps it's time go for a little cleansing?

Hmmm? I never believed in that kinda crap but may just maybe it's not such a bad idea.

I mean what do you think? It's all materialistic of course, but nonetheless it makes me wonder if there is some type of negative energy roaming around my house, or if this kind of s*@! happens to everybody after while.

Let me explain. In a matter of just a few weeks we have had almost every major appliance or electronic gadget go on the fritz. For starters, my MAC computer (with my 7,ooo + picture collection) blew up, just like that. Decided to stop working. They tell me the power supply is no good and the computer is too old to salvage, so I wait patiently until I can get another one. Then one week later, our family's big screen tv decides it no longer wants to turn on. Zilch. Nada. Kaput. Then on the same week, my cell phone no longer works. Four days later, I'm in the kitchen and smell something burning and I know it's not me, because I'm not cooking! I check and it's the microwave. It too, decided to go on hiatus - permanently! Wait, I know there's more, let me think. This one is a small one but huge to my kids - the Wii remote decided to stop working one fine Saturday morning. Oh, yeah, and wait,this morning, I go to use the house phone - dead. We have no outside lines. Not broken but still weird. Then three hours later, we have a guest over the house and she goes to pour herself a glass of water from our fridge. (I know there are two things wrong there: one, why wasn't I kind enough to serve her a glass of water and two: why in the world would she drink water from the fridge?) But screw that, those answers are irrelevant.

So, she places the cup underneath the water receptacle and bam!! The water comes out. And comes out and out and won't stop!!!! Now you tell me, should I be concerned or what?

In the meantime, while you ponder all these little mishaps and give me that answer, I'm going to play it on the superstitious safe-side and resolve with a visit back home to the "homeland in the "Big H and get some remedies!

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