Sunday, March 15, 2009


I haven't shared with you the latest coming out of my two year old's mouth. It's pretty bad and seems kind of funny now but I know it's not gonna be so cute if he keeps saying it. Yea, I curse a lot. It's my own fault. Although, I have to blame my Argie husband for some of the words I've acquired over the years (and unfortunately passed on.) The thing is he uses it at very appropriate times. It's not just something he's repeating without knowing. He has the impecable timing of knowing exactly when to curse. When he gets really pissed off he yells out "Puta Madre!" Before, it was "Coño, which I could handle, because that is so common place in the Cuban lingo, but this one! Whew! It's a whopper! It's like saying, "Mother F@#!%"

Look at this face. This is the face of my lil'bad-mouth P#@# Madre!

The other day he's on the phone with his sister (who was out with her father) and I guess she must have asked, "Who are you with?" And he goes, "Aqui con Mami, Puta madre. Can you imagine! Payback's a bitch (oops...sorry!) LOL!

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