Sunday, April 12, 2009


After six and a half years, my "stay-at-home mom" days are over! Yep, those who know me, don't faint! On Monday, April 13th I start work again! Oh my G-d, what a concept! I don't actually even know what I am going to be doing in this new job, which was of course, "arranged" for me - thank G-d! I mean I have "worked" during this time period but always from the house and with the enormous luxury of being available for my kids at every whim.  Six summers in a row!

Just the thought of not being able to take my daughter to school in the a.m. or to gymnastics class anymore or be there for her right after school is killing us (both.) I know the rest of the world does it but it doesn't take away from the fact that I got very use to being at home and appreciating it every step of the way.

The simple pleasures of being able to drive my daughter to school each day and then come home and play with my two year old in the morning, is amazing. To be able to blog every time my little heart desired. To go to the supermarket, Starbucks and bank in the middle of the day was a great adventure. Oh the spoiled life for me.

But seriously folks, times are tough, so yours truly is putting on the pants and heading out the door Monday morning. Wish me luck - I will need it!

Now will begin a new chapter. One where my husband will have to take over the Mr. Mom role: gymnastics classes, pick ups after school, play dates, etc....and me, well, me, I'll have to get use to "shclepping" in city traffic again and leaving my "bubble." POP!

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