Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's been two weeks and I'm still working! Honestly, I don't know I am surviving. I knew I was spoiled but never realized how much. Actually, I knew the spoiled part but I was always appreciative of what I was able to do. Meaning, I could take my daughter to school,take her to gymnastics, play with my son in the mornings, go do my hair at any given moment when the grays were too overwhelming, go grocery shopping when the Emeril-side of me kicked in and so on and so on. But now,that's OVER! I am now working, not really by choice but by necessity - well I guess that's everybody's scenario, right? I mean, I have to do this particular job because we need health insurance and it's a good opportunity.

After two weeks of work, I am completely full of gray hair with a range of four other colors, and almost have a uni-brow - no joke! Whose got time for the beauty salon now? I never go to my daughter's school anymore and am never on time to make it to Starbucks. Oh boy! I know what a little whiner, but hey, that's why I have this venue, so I can vent!

In case, I forgot to share with you what exactly it is I am doing, I am now working in a property management office in an elderly housing building sponsored by HUD.   So, not only did I spend almost seven years as a stay-at-home mom but I came from the music industry, where the sacrifices   I had to make were going to concerts at night or staying up late for new release listening parties. So, you can only imagine the shock I have encountered and the difficulty I am having adjusting. 

I guess the bottom line is, I've never had to work, while I've had kids. The rest of the world does it I know but the rest of the world isn't also dealing with a husband who recently had a kidney transplant and is still recovering from the complications of that operation. Someone who has never stayed home before and has always worked is now playing "Mr. Mom" while trying to take care of the kids, his health and the finances. So it's been pretty rough for him too, to say the least! I think life was much more peaceful when I took care of matters at home and he went out to make a living but for now, it's me.

The first few days were a big adjustment for me, trying to get the scheduling down right since I work almost an hour away in a different county. I had to figure out which one of us would take which kid where. Anyway, after some trial and error I think we've got that figured out. I will never make it in at the time I am suppose to because of the kids school and the distance, so consequently, I have to stay at work an extra half hour, which makes traffic time that much more fun. (Hint: sarcasm)

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