Monday, December 23, 2013


I said I was moving on from the topic but I can't! This is why I blog, to vent!  I am feeling much better physically but now my vain, superficial-self is showing!  I am frustrated at this scar, although I am so grateful they did not shave my head.  I am tired of wearing a bandana but the scar is so creepy, I must.  It is itchy and it stings and my hair is three different colors!  My surgeon said I have to wait at least one month before I dye my hair again!  I am eating like a manic and I can't even blame it on the steroids anymore!  I go into fits of anger and rage and again, I cannot blame it on the steroids because I finished them a week ago!!! Right, it's not the steroids after effect?  I am going stir-crazy with two kids in the house until January 6th!  I really am grateful, but damn, I really I need "normal" again.  Whatever that is...

"Everything will be alright does not mean, Everything will stay the same."

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