Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I was in the mood for a delicious smoothie but didn't want to venture out into the real world with this new-found hole in my head (Sorry TMI again!)  So I decided to make something yummy right at home.

I made a super simple smoothie and the kids loved it (healthy too!)  I chose to use Almond Milk because lately my daughter has not been digesting regular milk as well.  Almond Milk is delicious and the smoothie is just as tasty.


Almond Milk (you can substitute 2% milk here if you prefer)
Sugar (sugar substitute can of course be used here as well.)

Put it in the blender for a minute or so and boom, delicious smoothie.

*Oh! And a pretty little cup for presentation! 

Here it is (half-way finished!) It was so delicious I almost drank the whole thing before taking a picture.

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