Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This morning we wait for the news of when we will be grandparents for the first time!!!  My oldest step-son and his wife are going to have a baby today and we are so excited!    My little  ones are going to be be aunt and uncle at a very young age and they are way beyond thrilled.  Well, my daughter anyway, my little man is a little insulted that he is going to be "old" by already becoming an uncle...LOL!  Nonetheless, it is a very exciting time in our family.  We have had so many deaths in our family due to cancer, that this waiting is a good one.  It is a welcome blessing we are all anxiously waiting for.

I remember when I  met my step-son at around age 12.  He was this cute awkward kid, who never wanted to go to work with his dad in the summer-time, but had no choice.  That's where I met him.  It's amazing how much we have all been through since then.  His mom died, my mom died, and his two aunts died.  It has been a rough ride for all of us but we are that much stronger for it.  He grew up to be a smart kind, generous young man and was blessed with finding a wonderful wife.  They are going to make great parents.

So for now....we wait for the good news!

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