Monday, February 3, 2014


I was walking through the supermarket aisle looking for drinks on Super Bowl Sunday, looking lost and the guy who works there says to me, "Can I help you?"  I said, no thanks,   I really don't know what I want."  He smiled and said, "You are cute."  I smiled, said thank you and walked away, in my Yankees cap and even though it made my day, I thought to myself,  "Little does he know what's under this head!"  He wouldn't think it was so cute, if he saw it!

I am two month post craniotomy and my emotions don't stop even after surgery.  I read a post from a fellow meningioma survivor and I share the same sentiments:  I am in a place of absolute gratitude and I thank G-d (The Universe) every day and sometimes, even more than ten times a day.  Sometimes when I'm alone, I suddenly get emotional and it just catches up with me and say to myself "you had a brain tumor, you had your skull opened and your brain was rummaged in and you were blessed, you survived!!!"   I wonder will these thoughts ever go away or do they stay with you for your life time?  I do know, that I am blessed! 

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