Sunday, March 16, 2014


I am wondering if other moms enjoy alone time as much as I do?!  I often wonder, am I being more anti-social than usual or am I just obsessed with blogging?  I think it's probably a little bit of both.  Today, my husband took both kids early to a hockey game.  Luckily, for me there was an activity prior to the game, which gives me an extra two hours of peace!   I must say publicly though, my husband is a real trooper for schlepping with both kids to a loud place with even MORE kids! But hey, better him than me.  Now, don't get the wrong idea, I do spend time with my family.  Last night for example, we spent over 4 hours at the ice skating rink with the kids.  But for now, I am totally enjoying a quiet house as I blog and do laundry! I might even be bold and watch a movie in bed! LOL!

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