Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday, as I am in the kitchen starting to prepare dinner and I ACCIDENTALLY stab my hand with a knife, which then flips and falls on my foot and my 7-year old comes to the rescue! My hand is stinging and starting to bleed.  I stood there holding it "ooing & owwing," while my little one dashed for first-aid.  And now, 2 minutes later here is Mikey holding my hand.  He is putting a band-aid on my injury and says to me, "Okay, you've had enough of being an adult." (BEST LINE EVER FROM HIM.!!)

And here I am suppose to be the "warrior mom" and I have my little one taking care of me!  This kid is unique.  After he put the band-id on my hand, he insisted on helping me make the meatballs for dinner!  He's either going to make a great chef or a great husband some day, hopefully both! :o)

(Note to self: stay out of the kitchen!)

       Meatballs turned out pretty great!

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