Monday, April 14, 2014


Is it the curse of having a girl or is it just the kids in my family? Or is it all pre-tweens, because she is not even a teen yet and here I am with pre-tween nightmares already.  How can I be patient, I ask myself?  I recognize I am the fool.  The foolish mother who trust her kid and allows her privileges and trust my 11-year old when she says, "Yes, I did all my homework."  I mean I check the agenda, I follow-up but in the same breath, I am trying in the hopes that some "responsibility" and  "independence" will sink in. After all, I have been hounding about this all year long!

I have been through the "I am taking your TV privilege away, you have no phone privilege, you can't play outside privilege" routine already.  I am sick of hearing myself nag. And STILL, she tells me she has no homework! Really?  Dude! You are talking to me!  You know, "been there done that." Besides, mothers know.  We "spit" these kids out of our bodies and they think we don't know when they are lying.

Silly, stuff.  You know, telling me she doesn't have social studies homework when she really does.  How foolish is it to try to con your mother over social studies...what  a waste of grounding.  Hey, if I was going to get grounded, it was going to be for something GOOD!  LOL! 

I will never understand a pre-tween/teenagers way of thinking.  Honestly, I have a long way to go with all these battles but I am convinced this is a mother/daughter thing....a battle of the ovaries. Another challenge in the mommy warrior world!

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