Saturday, April 12, 2014


I did it. The frustration level with my hair loss was so much that I grabbed a pair of Scissors, twisted a ponytail and chopped off my hair. I started with small chunks and then got more and more complicated! Yikes! And my bangs that had grown out for over a year, chopped. 😳 What possesed me?

My hair is taking is taking forever to grow back at the sight of incision ever since my craniotomy almost 4 months ago, but in the same breath, I have an incredible amount of hair loss - lack of vitamins perhaps? Titanium plate in my head, maybe? 

Sure, everyone said go have it cut, but my incision is still so red and raw that the thought of having someone comb through my hair gave me the "heebie jeebies" every time!

A word to the wise... Let your frustration feeling pass a little before you do something crazy.

Now, I am left with still wearing more hats and for a long time to come! And let's not mention  the 4 different colors on my head!  But hey, these are just the vain little things I must deal with. At least I still have my hair, well, sort of....😁

Little by little I kept chopping. Did I think I had gone to beauty school or something? Holy crap!

And then I kept going and going......

Nope, no more pictures!

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