Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Trying not to let life events alter your mood or attitude is quite difficult but after reading Rick Hanson's (Ph.D) article, I am just learning how this can truly affect one's health.  I mean, I always believed in the "self-fulfilling prophecy" but scientifically speaking this really can be a big factor on your life.

He says this:  "Painful experiences are more than passing discomforts. They produce lasting harms to your physical and mental health. When you’re feeling frazzled, pressured, down, hard on yourself, or simply frustrated, that:
• Weakens your immune system
• Impairs nutrient absorption in your gastrointestinal system
• Increases vulnerabilities in your cardiovascular system
• Decreases your reproductive hormones; exacerbates PMS
• Disturbs your nervous system

Consider the famous saying: “Neurons that wire together, fire together.” This means that repeated painful experiences – even mild ones – tend to:
• Increase pessimism, anxiety, and irritability
• Lower your mood
• Reduce ambition and positive risk-taking

In a couple, upsetting experiences foster mistrust, heightened sensitivity to relatively small issues, distance, and vicious cycles. At much larger scales – between groups or nations – they do much the same.

So don’t take painful experiences lightly, neither the ones you get nor, honestly, the ones you give. 

Prevent them when you can, and help them pass through when you can’t. ~

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