Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Pray for Ben Sauer: How You Can Help: 1. One of the most significant ways you can help is through prayer.   "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he w...

As I read this blog this morning, I sobbed uncontrollably. How is it that I can survive a brain tumor, relatively unharmed and this innocent little 4-year old boy must go through this pain and suffering.  These poor parents must endure the heartache of inevitably losing their son, one of their twins.

There are no words to express the heart ache I feel. As a brain tumor survivor, this story has broken my heart at how life is just so UNFAIR.  I am sure Ben was "borrowed" to his family to teach them about love and strength and courage.   I ache for Ben and his suffering, because right now he is suffering. And for his family and for the grief they feel.  It is unimaginable.

It is only through faith that we survive the greatest blows in life. I pray that God gives this family the strength to bear the unbearable.

May god bless you Ben Sauer and give you the peace and freedom you deserve.  You will soon be an angel watching down upon your family. God bless...

P.S.  I ask you, my "warrior" friends and readers to please pray for Ben & his family.

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