Friday, June 13, 2014


My tween is obsessed the The Duggar Family show "19 Kids and Counting."  I don't know if it's a family-thing or what but I think it's insane.  Sure it's fun to watch someone else's life on TV, especially when there are so many family members, but how in the world do you spend any "quality" time with 19 children?  I have trouble getting one-on-one with my two little ones!  LOL!

Now they are considering having a 20th child!  That's just crazy in my opinion.  I guess if you have a ton of money (or in this case, TV sponsorships,) you just let the big ones take care of the little ones but geez, what about quality time with each child?  We have five kids, and it was always difficult trying to get that one on one time with each.  Wow!  G-d bless them, they are brave though.


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