Friday, June 20, 2014


So today was Day 4 at home, of not going to a "real" summer camp. I have to say, I am ready to jump out of a window! I cannot take the bickering one more day, nor the "I am so bored" comments anymore! These children have NO concept of what being bored really means.

I cannot wait to put them in real camp. I know that sounds horrible but they drove me crazy! Arts and craft and television just don't cut it. And it did not help that all the kids in the neighborhood are at camp and that we had rain all week.  Sure, there are a million ways to go out and have fun but for the most part it is always about money.

The only entertaining part of the day (actual evening) was when we took Mikey to tryouts for a new hockey team in a different city than where we live. 

After tryouts they got to "free" skate a little bit and some air hockey. (That's fun to me!) Of course, for now, for this ONE week in their lives, I go down in history, as the "boringest mom-ever!"

I know that someday they will look back and say, "I remember when we spent all week with mom at home bored."  LOL!

Let's see what the last day of the week has in store for us...

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