Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The words "Do not give up" have never rang so true to my ears.  Blogging is no easy task, especially when you are a mom blogging about your family and the funny things you think your kids do!  There are a million of us out there doing the same thing, well, sort of. I believe every story, every blog is unique in their own way, that is why I keep blogging.

It is absolutely true that you must have content and keep your readers interested. In the same breath,
I believe you must also be consistent.  You have to write, write, write and post and post some more!  Eventually, as you learn the "ropes" in the blogging world, your traffic will pick up.  You also have to network socially, join blogging "parties" online, share your link with other bloggers; use social media to spread the word on your blog.  Also, use your link under your signature when you send emails. Do not be afraid to push ("sell") your blog.

Sales Entrepreneur, Lindsay Wilson says, "If you want to have big impact, you must touch a lot of people’s lives. This is the place where people get stuck. Be real about what scares you."

This is so true. Do not be afraid to write.  Connect with your readers.  People love to read about "real-life" events.  Sure e-cards and cute pictures are fun as well, but it is the real life day-to-day drama and stories that is most enticing to readers.

Now, you ask, how do I make money writing my personal stuff on a blog?  Well, that's where affiliate advertising and monetizing your blog comes in.

Here is a list of 10 ways to monetize your blog.  You can always Google this and find what fits best for your particular blog.

There are some things you have to cover in your blog analysis:
  • How to tweak your design for better aesthetics as well as improved conversion into list subscribers and/or sales.
  • How to KEEP more visitors on your blog after they arrive.
  • Customized advice on how to attract more visitors.
  • Identify bugs which could be harming your blog’s performance
  • How to get more people onto your email list.
  • How you can make more money with your blog.
  • How to improve your content and presentation.

Again, don't give up!  That's what it is all about.  Never giving up. You will succeed if you believe and continue to work hard at making your blog a success!

Happy Blogging!

"Mommy Warrior" at Warrior Wisdom

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