Friday, June 27, 2014


I am perplexed by the popularity of The Fault in Our Stars Movie. Not because it is not a great book or movie but because it is so sad. Personally, I love a good love story but the thought of sitting at a movie theater watching a movie about people dying of cancer, just depresses the crap out of me! Sure, maybe it is because my own mother died of cancer and so many other people I have known as well, but it is baffling to me that young kids are flocking to the theaters to watch this. Yes, I hear it is a great love story, but when you have lived this disease with someone, it rocks you to the very core to sit and watch it on a big screen.

My own tween daughter was fascinated with the book and insisted I read it and even wanted me to see the movie with her. I had to explain to her that as much as I loved the offer I could not handle the heartbreak of re-living this kind of tragedy. Selfish of me, I know.

I wonder, what is it that draws young girls to this movie. Does the "hot guy" 
(Ansel Elgort) and the love story just overpower the extreme sadness of the outcome? Is it just being naive to the reality of life. Really? I just could not handle paying good money to go cry.

I know eventually I will probably watch it on DVD or Netflix someday and cry my eyes out but for now, I am left bewildered at the tweens and teens in love with this movie.

I watch the trailer and I am very tempted to watch the movie.  Have you seen "The Fault In Our Stars?

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