Monday, June 30, 2014


So I haven't been working for almost 7 months ever since my craniotomy. I figured I'd take advantage of spending time with my kids. I think this weekend might be the last hurrah before I go out and find a real job, besides blogging! We are getting ready for our annual road trip which I am so excited about!

I thought this year I would not be able to since I am not working and cannot afford to find an apartment at the beach But as luck would have it my older cousin called to offer me her apartment on the beach!

She has to go out of town and she offered me and my uncle who is one year older than me the apartment for the week! To say the kids and I are excited is an understatement!

We go to Indian Rocks Beach where all of our cousins stay as well.  This year we have a co-pilot with us! Bubba The Bear is joining us!

Stay tuned for more Mommy Warrior adventures this week with Bubba my kids!

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