Friday, August 22, 2014


The interesting thing about blogging and its readers, is that it is a little like voyeurism - you get to "peek" into someone's life, if only temporarily.  And since you are here reading this, I can only assume you would like to peek in and see what's happening in my "Mommy Warrior" World!

Well, this weekend is my weekend alone with the kids.  The "Blat Pack" has been split up. (Blat Pack is what I call ALL of our kids!)  No, I am not divorced.  My husband is actually out of town at a family wedding in the Big Apple. Yes, the Big Apple and the wedding is in beautiful Central Park!  Yeah, I know, why am I sitting at home behind this laptop you ask?
Well, children are not invited to this particular wedding. What can I tell you?  I adore the bride and the family and but to respect their wishes.  Sure, we could have "worked" around the wedding and still taken the kids to New York, but really? School just started here in this "neck of the woods,"  I mean Everglades, and we spent enough money this summer on various trips, if you'll remember our D.C. adventures & Beach Week!

My only concern really, is how my kids are going to deal with seeing pictures and hearing stories about their 3 older siblings, their father and their adorable little nephew (who will NOT attend the wedding) all together in the Big Apple, staying together in one house.  Geez, now I'm starting to feel guilty as I tell you guys about it!

I know it is going to be a great time for the 3 older siblings who never get to spend time together (alone) with their father. I just have to keep my little ones entertained for the weekend!

This is never a problem when I am alone with them. Besides, the fact  is they take full advantage of me by asking me to take them everywhere, like their favorite sushi restaurant (their dad hates sushi) and to have sleepovers and stay up extra late. I tend to comply because it makes me feel like one of the kids too! Of course, that is until they start fighting or doing something they are not suppose to, then my "mommy warrior hat" gets put back on and keep them in check. GET YOUR MOMMY WARRIOR HAT HERE!
It should be an interesting weekend! I will keep you all posted!

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