Friday, August 8, 2014


I remember when I was young in elementary school and junior high, I played almost every single sport.  I made the volleyball team, basketball team, softball team and track team and even made MVP for a couple of them.

Upon having my own children, now that they are of age to play sports, I find myself having to coerce them into playing any sport, mainly my daughter. My youngest son plays ice hockey but I have to drag him to most practices, although he claims to "love" the sport.  They hate being outside, can you imagine? I mean I know it's hot in Florida but I use to love being outside and having the rush of playing a game!  I know cannot make my kids love playing a particular sport (I tried that with my daughter and lacrosse - but that's another story!)  I do know that being involved in a "team sport" teaches you many things and has many benefits, this is why I will keep insisting!

Participation in team sports can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and discipline.

Here are some of the benefits:

1.  Physical Activity

2.  Social Skills

3.  Self-Esteem

4.  Academic Success

5.  Health Habits

6.  Stronger Peer Relationships

7.  Fosters positive relationships with adults

8.  Teaches to navigate between right and wrong

9.  Character can be enhanced

10. Provides a source of fun and enjoyment

Ultimately, playing a team sport should be fun for your child. Let them try out various sports until they find the "right one" for them.  You shouldn't have to force a child to play but you can emphasize and promote the benefits.

As an athlete (professional or otherwise,) your child will learn
how to eat right and set goals to achieve their dreams, whether it is to win a game, make the team next year or train to take it to the next level.

No matter, what sport they choose, remember to encourage them and have them attend their practices, as this instills discipline.  Be there for their games cheering them on, whether they win or lose.

Remind them that it's not just about winning that takes precedence, but how you win, and that sports acts as a vehicle to guide them to success in other areas of their lives.

Now, play ball!!  Or puck!

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