Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 My Dad's Garage - A Kid's DIY Show about How To Use Tools

Hey Mommy Warrior fans!  Check out this great show for kids.  This show gives dad's a chance to have some fun with their kids.  "My Dad's Garage" is a puppet show geared towards kids aged 7-9 years old.  The show focuses on dads spending time with their kids making things in the garage as they learn together about tools and life. They are a bunch of dads who actually put this together, who work out of their garages, help raise their kids, and love everything about being dads!  The How-To Puppet show that can!

Tinker is best know as "Dad." He runs a fun show out of his garage about how to make cool projects, reuse and recycle materials for awesome stuff like robots, race cars, bike ramps, and rocket ships!

Tinker is also big into spending time with his two kids: his son, Jr. and his daughter, Zoey. He enjoys helping kids explore making stuff, building things, and learning how to use tools, as well as figuring out how things work from experts all over the world! Tinker also likes to help write stories and comic books with his kids. Tinker and his family love to post their stories online for everyone to read.

 Go online and check it out today!



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