Friday, August 8, 2014


Used wisely, texting can be a great way to stay in touch.   Now-a-days, it is amazing how almost EVERYONE has the ability to text on their phone, whether you are young or old!

If you are just letting your tween or teenager use text messaging, here are a few tips of do's and don'ts to give them as well as rules you should implement. And remember, if you are paying for the cell phone, you MOST definitely make the rules!


1.  They must obey your guidelines/rules set by you, the parent or guardian.

2.  NO texting and driving.

3.  Don’t become overly familiar by sending flirtatious text messages, they may give someone the wrong idea.

4.  Be selective about whom you give your number to.

5.  Think before you send a text.  It might be better to make a phone call or wait to speak in person.

6.  Don’t text anything you wouldn’t say in person.

7.  Decide in advance when your phone will be off-limits (ie: dinner time, study time.)

8.  Be considerate. Don’t text while you’re trying to carry on a face-to-face conversation with someone.

9.  Never get up from the dinner table or family time to go check a text message.

10. Never use texting to bully or intimidate anyone.

* Remember this and ask yourself this question: “At what time is a text or an email more important than life itself? At what point is something on your phone more important than the people that you love?”

Be responsible with texting!

If you follow these tips, texting is sure to be a fun and social experience.

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