Friday, September 5, 2014


Are you pregnant or is someone you know pregnant?  What an exciting time but also a time of a lot of planning, So, when should you create a baby registry?

 Most women tend to wait at that "turning point" - the 12 week period, when you feel a little "safer"about the pregnancy.  However, there are many women who choose to wait completely until after the pregnancy to buy their baby items due to religious reasons or plain ol' superstition.  I must admit that with my 12-year old daughter, I fell into that category.  We did not know if she was going to be a boy or a girl and because I am quite superstitious, I chose to wait.  In hindsight, now I know better!  When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I prepared!

It is completely a personal choice but if do choose to start early, I recommend waiting until the 4th month, if you decide to learn the gender of your baby, it makes shopping so much easier and fun!

Make sure to do your research and read reviews before you choose a baby item. Do not just buy on impulse or because something looks cute.  Remember that many of these items will be for the safety and comfort of your baby.
Remember that if you register too early, a lot of times the stores will change merchandise, so make sure to check your registry often, once you have chosen your baby items.  You are going to change your mind about a lot of things (big surprise, right?) and some items will be discontinued and sometimes people won't always buy you what you want.  It is a tricky thing, a baby registry!  It is like the ultimate wishlist for pregnancy.

Do try to be reasonable when placing items in your registry in terms of pricing, so that it is an affordable gift to get you and baby.  Save the "big ticket" items for someone in your immediate family to buy you or even yourself.

Read reviews online and talk to other moms that already have experienced this.  Mommy Warrior wisdom is a plus!

If you have decided to go ahead and create a baby registry, do not wait until the last minute. Give your friends and family time to get you what you want and need.  Do remember, the ideal time to have the BABY REGISTRY finished is about 1-2 weeks before the baby shower.


 Have fun creating your baby registry - it's like a shopping "free for all" and it doesn't happen to often, unless of course, you are like The Duggars in "19 Kids and Counting!"

Enjoy your "shopping!"

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