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Road rage, brawls, domestic violence, gangs, wars - ALL of it, is caused by MEN.  Men who cannot control their temper, nor their egos.  For the most part, it is usually men in a fight, men who start wars, men who beat women, men who act irrationally in road rage.   Yeah, sure there might be some women out there doing the same, (and no, I don't want see your statistics, this is MY opinion!) 

As history has taught us, for hundred and hundreds of years, it has been the men engaging in wars, and they don't even know what the hell they're fighting about anymore!
 A few months ago, my daughter and I could have been killed by a 20-something (moron) male driver, who literally threw his car at us on the highway.  He was angry because he thought I high-beamed his car!  He became enraged and kept coming after me with his vehicle, even when he saw I was a woman, and had a child in the car! Really?  Oh, he may have been on drugs you say? Honestly, I don't think so.  His reaction and behavior was pure rage, like "how dare I do that to him!" (Note:  Yes, I did report it, and of course, there is never a cop around for miles when you need one!)   This idiot, let his ego and macho behavior take over.  He could have easily killed us or caused us serious injury that night, and over whatThere are incidents like this and worse, continuously going on in the world, day in and day out.  I am grateful, nothing happened to us that night, but it brings me back to my point.  Anger.  Anger over what and why?

For hundreds of years there has been war and domestic abuse.   Is it somehow the fault of the women who raise these men?   (I know, how dare I blame it on a woman.)   But honestly, what makes these men so angry?  What makes them act so irrationally?   I know that for the most part, mothers raise their sons in what they believe is the "correct" and proper way.  No mother raises her son intentionally to be a violent psycho-path.  So where, along the line do they become such violent and angry a-holes?  I guess, I will leave that answer to the professionals -  psychologists, psychiatrists, social behavior analyst etc...

All I can say, is you ladies who are mothers, teach your boys compassion and respect!  Teach them about consequences and how to love others.  How to be a real man, who loves and respects women & children and humankind, in general.  Teach them not to burst out into fits of rage because his ego takes over.  Teach them to love, not to fight, teach them that their actions are far more meaningful than words.  Teach them that their mouth too, is a weapon - use it wisely. 

Teach them to stand up for what is right without losing control.  This goes for ALL of our children, boys and girls.

If we all teach & practice LOVE, RESPECT & COMPASSION perhaps, we'd live in a much better, more peaceful world!

And P.S., this was not intended to be a man-bashing posting, it is the reality of the world we are living today.

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