Monday, October 20, 2014


Nonetheless, we all go through it, and the key is how do we get out of it?  Here is the article and great advice by Amanda of DirtandBoogers.com

Overwhelmed Mom and The Mom Funk

"Lately, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been in a funk…a Mom Funk.

Practical Solutions to Pull Yourself Out of The Mom Funk

I’ve been a bit blah…kind of lazy…and not very productive.
I spend too much time looking at screens instead of at my kids
I refresh my email more than my soul
I eat junk instead of the fruits and veggies in my fridge
I spend more time on the couch instead of on my feet
I get bored, lazy and overall unproductive.
At first it feels like I’m “just relaxing”, taking all that Mom Time that I preach about.  But it doesn’t take much for that Mom Time to become a Mom Funk.  It’s a slippery slope for me.
Other times I’m completely overwhelmed with life, so I retreat to my computer and block it all out.
Usually when I end up in a Mom Funk, my mood changes.  I become short tempered, impatient, and, at times, I completely ignore my kids and husband.  Wow…doesn’t feel good to admit that!
Hey, Mom Funks happen.  It’s just kind of part of it, I guess.

Sure they happen, but it’s up to me to pull myself out of it.  And like usual, I have an action plan.
  • Get Outside:  This has been really hard to do with the crazy winter we’ve been having.  Even with all the snow, I’ll pull on my boots and trek out in it for a bit with my oldest.  Having lungs full of fresh air really helps me get energized.
  • Clean One Thing:  Once I get going, I’m good.  The hard part for me, is just getting started.  One chore, that’s all it takes.  Once that one chore is done, the clean space makes me want to clean more.  Then, when my house is clean and organized, I feel better and productive!  Even if I don’t clean a bunch, that little bit of clean can be quite refreshing!
  • Make A List:  One thing about being in a Funk, is that I have no idea what else I should be doing.  It’s not that I don’t have things to do, I do!  I just can’t seem to think of them whenever I do have time to do them, so I check my email (for the 100th time that day) then I’m stuck in the internet again.  Having a list really helps me get organized and stay focused.
  • Move My Body:  When I’m really in a funk, exercise always re-energizes my soul and gives me so much energy.  No, you don’t have to get a real workout in…dance in the kitchen, play tag, or wrestle with your kids, go for a walk, or shovel snow.  Just get moving!
  • Step Away from the Screens: Most of the time, my funk starts on my computer, and I get totally sucked in.  So, I close my computer and find something else to do.  I really love reading, and right now I have a great audio book I listen to while doing chores or a the gym.  It really helps me relax.
I’ve found that Mom Funks are really easy to get in, and sometimes it’s hard to recognize when I’m in one.  But, once I’m there, it’s nice to have a plan to help me pull myself out!
          Do you ever get in a Mom Funk?  What do you do to pull yourself out of it?"

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