Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So today, my 7-year old, who is in the 2nd grade, comes home from school and tells me they were discussing Scientists in Science class and the teacher asked,

"Does anyone know what skill a scientist needs or uses to be good? (or something like that) and MY son says: "Listening."

And the teacher says, in front of the whole class, "Then you sure won't be a good scientist."

Now, I know he doesn't listen but that's just plain RUDE!!

Does anyone else think that's rude or am I just biased?

He told me as soon as I picked him up in the afternoon and he sat in the car. He was not happy about that at all.

Obviously, I spoke to him about how he felt and I told him that was not a nice thing for the teacher to say in front of all his peers, and I understood how he must have felt, but I also reminded him how important it is to be a good listener and behave.  I explained to him that once you get a reputation for being a "bad kid" or "not a good listener," sometimes, that just gets dragged along with you and people label you.

All that long explanation of what I thought was the right thing to say did not take away his hurt and embarassed feeling.  Now, unfortunately, he will probably think twice before answering a question.

I have heard of so many cases where children were labeled "bad," "troubled," "trouble-makers," and the majority of the time, it was because the teacher had no patience or psychology on how to handle that particular child.  

If teachers only realized the lasting impact they have in a child's life! One phrase, one "label" can stay with you for a lifetime.

Honestly, teachers, really need to think before they speak as well.  Psychology 101 - children are way more susceptible and vulnerable than adults. Duh.

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