Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Do you have the beautiful smile you desire? Maybe you don't because you didn't want to get braces and have a mouthful of metal. Maybe you are just too busy to make an appointment. Whatever your reason, AlignerMeter App will determine if you are a candidate for Invisible Braces in a quick and easy process.

It's as simple as downloading the AlignerMeter App from iTunes App store or Android market , take three snapshots of your teeth and submit them through the app to get your free professional consultation. The AlignerMeter Application captures three photographs of the individual's teeth and sends the images to a board-certified orthodontist who examines and evaluates the photos to determine whether the subject is a suitable candidate for invisible braces or any other type of treatment.  Connect here with Invisible Braces Orthodontists in your neighborhood that can set up your treatment plan and get you that beautiful, confident smile that you desire.

Once a positive determination is made, the app informs the user and provides the user with referrals to orthodontists in their area.

Consumers love the application because they get a consultation without having to go to the Orthodontist. And it’s free!  The AlignerMeter has expanded its successful app to five different languages. Consumers can set the app to one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese

The Therapy of a SmileA look into how a smile can affect MOOD, CONFIDENCE and the PERCEPTION of others, highlighting stories of the AlignerMeter patients, who before they received their Invisalign, were uncomfortable or insecure about smiling, causing them to be perceived as unhappy.

Your smile isn't just a facial expression; it has the power to impact your life in a wide variety of ways. Your smile can affect how others perceive you; it can even determine whether you get the job!

According to one study, a smile tells others that you're in control, confident, and others are more likely to view you as attractive! A whopping 99.7% of adults say an attractive smile is an important asset, and it's no wonder, as your smile has the power to trigger a grin in others.

Research has revealed that there's even a health benefit to smiling. A smile boosts your mood by eliciting the release of feel-good neurotransmitters, which makes you feel happy while simultaneously combating the effects of anxiety and depression. Smiling while simultaneously slowing your breathing rate can reverse the effects of stress as it serves to lower blood pressure and pulse; it more effectively regulates blood sugar and metabolism, all while lowering the levels of stress hormones that are present in your body.

A total of 74% of people surveyed believed that an unattractive smile can harm your chances of success. And they're correct!

Many individuals who lack confidence in their teeth and smile tend to avoid smiling or worse, they adopt a close-lipped smile that can come across as tense and even inauthentic. So smile correction doesn't just result in straighter teeth; you'll feel comfortable to really, truly smile!  And that leads to true happiness, more positive perceptions and more opportunities.

When you correct your teeth and feel comfortable smiling, others will view you as more content, more confident and more in control – all traits that can make you more approachable and even more desirable as a prospective employee!

So from acing that interview to actually feeling happier, smiling can literally improve your life! Now that's something to smile about!

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