Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Everybody knows the grass is not always greener on the other side but we always want it anyway. We want to look for something better, we want to own something better, we want to try something that's better, never really appreciating what we already have. As I write this article, I am very much talking to myself as well and hoping I will convince myself of what I should do.

Lately, I've been seriously considering relocating my family to another state. I don't know what I'm thinking really. I live in sunny South Florida, where the weather is almost always perfect. Born and raised here!  However, I've been looking at jobs elsewhere, as well as school districts and imagining my life with my family in a completely different city and state.

Am I looking to trade one snobby community for another? Don't get me wrong,I love where I live. It is a privilege to live in the community that I do. But somehow it is no longer enough. I am looking for somewhere that is a little more quiet, a little more peaceful and where people are definitely much nicer and "grounded." I am looking for that old-fashioned family-style feeling.

As I drove around my community this morning, I admired the beautiful parks and the beautiful trees and the kids playing In the community and I wondered why do I want to leave here?

I mean I know my reasons but I don't know if my Cuban-American-Miami Beach born-self could live anywhere other than Florida? 

I am always telling my kids that change is good and here I am, scared sh*tless to make a move.

Everybody always wants to move to Florida and here I am wanting to drag my family out it!

Am I crazy? Should I start over somewhere new when I don't really have to? I mean, I always welcome an adventure but I would be leaving my extended family behind and everything I know and love. 

I am not sure of anything but what I am sure of is, that I want to raise my kids in an environment that is family-friendly and a place that will accept our blended family: Cuban-Argentine-Jewish background. It is not easy to find a place where people are accepting of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. I want my kids to have "real" friends and not deal with "fake people" and snobby kids who have to have an iPhone 6 in the 3rd grade! 

I want a place where my kids can feel safe and run around in the backyard. I want to live in a place that feels like a tight-nit community. I want to live in a place that has great weather and great schools. I want to live somewhere that I will feel at "home!" (Utopia, maybe?)

Does anyone know that place? And I already know that "home is where the heart is." 😉

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