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Are you a solo mom?  A mom, who, whether by choice, divorce, widow or perhaps or perhaps military deployment, is raising her kids alone?  Whatever the reason, if you are currently a solo mom, I'd like to share a wonderful resource with you called, ESME, which stands for Empowering Solo Moms EverywhereESME, is a social media platform that is dedicated to Solo Moms who face the challenge of  parenting alone in a society that provides little help or guidance. "Mothers on their own, whether by choice or circumstance, parent approximately 22 million American children. Moving beyond stereotypes, ESME offers Solo Moms inspiration, resources, allies, opportunities for creative expression, and some laughs along the way. ESME empowers a broad demographic of women who, despite differences in age, race, culture, and route to single motherhood, are bound together in a conscious coalition that is strong, proud and dedicated to their children."

ESME is a project of love that was founded by, Marika Lindholm. 15 years ago Lindholm was newly divorced with two young children. While she was fortunate to have a stable job as a college professor, she realized many other Solo Moms were working for minimum wage and trying desperately to make a good life for their families. She also knew that while finances were a primary issue for many Solo Moms, there were other realities and challenges that bind Solo Moms such as dating, co-parenting with an ex, feelings of isolation, and finding time for self-care and fun. Flash forward to 2014: Lindholm was happily remarried, and raising five children, but her husband’s work required him to be away for stretches of 6-8 weeks, spurring her into creating something that would improve the lives of Solo Moms. ESME was born.

We are all "Mommy Warriors" but even those of us who are married, or live with a significant other, know that when your partner is not around whether it is because of a business trip  or whatever the case may be, you know full-well, just how difficult it is to deal with the kids when you are alone.  I know how I felt when my husband was away on business for weeks at a time when he had an international job. I was overwhelmed at home with my baby, (and at the time, it was only one child.)  Now, imagine having to do that all the time, every single day of every year and sometimes with two, three, sometimes four kids. It is not only extremely difficult financially, but emotionally, it can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being.  This is why ESME is such an amazing concept, it is a support group basically for moms in a similar situation that can reach out and empower each other.

I am all for the empowerment of women and I believe that if you are a Solo Mom, you should check out EMSE and take full advantage of the amazing resources available, as well as the friendships that can be cultivated through ESME's.   ESME Resources contains an expanding list of over 5,000 resources for Solo Moms. Within each of their 20 categories, you will find an overview by a knowledgable Guide who cares deeply about that particular topic.You can go online to their website and  choose from a category of articles, FAQ's, interviews, Do's and Don'ts, videos etc. about your particular situation.  As their motto states:  "Independent Together."  You do not have to give up your independence or privacy to use ESME, it is simply a great tool to empower moms who are raising their kids alone.

Listen first-hand what Solo Moms are saying about ESME

Ref. http://beta.esme.com/resources 

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