Saturday, July 4, 2015


It is amazing to me that every time the media harps on a topic, then everyone jumps on the "bandwagon" and has to follow like a herd of sheep, who are just being pushed and directed towards the path that the sheperd wants !  Stop being followers people, and letting the government and media dictate how you feel and think!  I don't give a crap if they fly the confederate flag or not, but something as STUPID as removing re-runs of a TV program that has been airing for 36 years because of the "confederate flag hoopla" is just plain stupidity!!!!

Quote: Because of the Confederate flag painted atop the General Lee from "Dukes of Hazzard," TV Land has decided to pull the show from airing on its network. Over 100,000-strong have signed a petition in the show’s defense." 

I am not upset about the damn show, it is about how EASILY people are influenced and how easily rights and tradition are taken away!  No I do not like slavery, or anything that flag literally stands for, but let's get real. People are upset because the media tells them to be!

As we celebrate Independence Day today, July 4th, let us not forget the key word, INDEPENDENCE, which = freedom!!! Let us not lose either one because the media and government dictates it is so. It is not really, about Democrats, Republicans or Liberals, it is about being smart enough to make choices and stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone.  It is about not letting the media, dictate what is right and wrong now.  Come to your OWN educated conclusions.  Just like Facebook had everyone change their profile pic colors to support marriage equality, well guess what people, they were doing a survey to see how many people would follow and change their profile pic and then surveyed to see how quickly they would change it back.  I am ALL for equality, not for being a sheep. Show your support in your OWN way! 

Learn to lead, not follow. And if you are going to follow, do not be apathetic or complacent. Be smart enough to have a voice and be heard!

This meme sums up all you need to know…

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