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Imagine an app where you could have FREE TEXTING and actually place a call for FREE, yes, I said it "FREE CALLING!"  I know I love it!  I am so over phone companies these days the way they charge obscene amounts of money for some cell phone plans but I know we are trapped in a world where communication is key and we can't live without our texting.  My daughter, who is almost a teenager, is definitely obsessed with texting, so having this feature is a top- priority in our phone plans. And of course, her little brother wants to follow in her footsteps as well, and be cool and text, but I won't let him have a "real" working cell phone!  He just has one of my old ones to play games.  And I, well, yea, I also love to text and I especially love to take pictures, but my phone bills are through the roof, even with a shared family plan, and let's not even mention my house phone, which I barely use but is still ridiculously priced.  All of it is just crazy but recently a friend told me about a free app called, Yabb Messenger.  I keep saying free, I know!  That's because it is ALL free!

Yabb Messenger is a FREE texting, photo editor and group chat service complete with animated stickers and emoticons, maps, and everything you need to connect faster with your family and friends. Now you can share videos, send photos and make local and international calls and texts from any country - totally free!  This is perfect for my family! I decided to try it and I love it. I am even thinking of installing the app on my youngest child's phone, just to have the "free texting and free calls!"  I know he is young but it's a whole new world we are living in and I love being able to stay in touch with my kids, especially when it is for free.

Yabb Messenger Features Free Text Messaging and Calling

- Text free with Yabb Messenger, and never worry about strict carrier plans again
- Free calls made right through the app to anyone with Yabb!
- International text connects you with other countries - for FREE
- International calls FREE for all Yabb users
- Voice messenger sends FREE voice messages
- Free chat with anyone, anywhere, at any time
-Private Texting Keeps Your Texts Safe
- Yabb Messenger supports both public and private messaging
- Private messenger makes texts visible only to those involved
- Delete messages you no longer want
- Disappearing texts can be timed to automatically delete from your recipient’s device
- Hide texts with Shout Out messages - recipients of your messages can’t see others you sent the same message to, and can only reply to you

Animated Stickers, Emoji and More
- Apply stickers or an Emoji in any message for any situation
- Animated stickers show off your unique personality
- Emojis for every emotion! Show off your mood while you chat
- Add custom backgrounds for your texts

Start saving money today and keep making your phone calls and sending texts but for FREE!  Try YabbYabb Messenger is the fast and fun way to share and edit photos, call and text free, and share videos and maps with friends. Keep your private life private while you share photos and videos, and make new friends.


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