Sunday, August 9, 2015


Do you love to shop and be online?  I know I do!  Imagine if you could earn money just by recommending a brand to family and friends? I know that every time I make a purchase from a store that I love or get a great deal, I share it with my friends, except, I never got paid for the recommendation.  Well, now I will and you can too, with a new website called Yazing.com

Yazing is a new platform giving you easy access to the same coupon codes and deals, but now you earn the commissions for both the purchases you make online as well as those who make purchases after coming through your shared links. 


All you have to do is sign up (join) for FREE, then share your personalized link to the Brand's Yazing coupon and deal page anywhere - your blog, tweets, texts, emails, etc...

Then, if anyone makes a purchase,  you earn Cash Rewards when people click through and make a purchase!

Check out how it easily it works!

I am very excited , that as a "Mommy Blogger"  I can now recommend brands and get cash rewards for it. You too, can make money on referrals on Yazing.

Here is an example of one of the brands I use, Vistaprint.  I love this company because making business cards, flyers,marketing materials, signs, posters, clothing and other promo products is so easy!  Well, if you used my link, for example to purchase something, then I would earn cash referrals for your purchase.

If YOU sign up for FREE, you can start earning your own commissions, simply by refererring/recommending the brands that are listed with Yazing and there are plenty! Take a look at some of the list of brands you can start recommending like: Angie's List, Babies Online, Brookstone, Cafepress, ChiccoShop, The Cute Kid, Home Away, Vistaprint and more.

Join today:  Yazing.com!


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