Friday, October 2, 2015


If your child is teething, you know that means lots and lots of drooling.  I remember when my kids were teething they would go through so many bibs leaving them drenched.  I could never find just the right bib to keep them dry.

Now there is a great solution to prevent your baby's clothing from getting wet.  It is called "Bandana Bib" by Drool n' Dribble.

Drool n' Dribble offers bibs that imbue quality, comfort, function and style (patent pending) bib design.

The Bandana Bib is functional, stylish, comfortable and absorbent and even has a convenient *pacifier holder.

 Drool n' Dribble in style.

The Bandana Bib is sold exclusively through Amazon.  Click on the link below to order yours today.  Comes in a variety of colors. 

*This bib is perfect to keep hold of baby's toys, like "Sofie the Giraffe" for example, a rattle or anything you need to keep near baby that needs to be readily accessible.   Also, the stitching on the Bandana Bib is inside all around the bib therefore bibs last longer.

You can use them in your diaper bag or hand bag to hold keys or other items for convenience! 

 5 Top Reasons to Have a Bandana Bib:

1) Helps with drooling
2) Holds pacifier
3) Holds a baby's toy
4) Last longer than most bibs
5) Stylish

Perfect for your teething child or makes a great unisex gift set.

Bandana Bib, each with Pacifier Clip for Teething and Feeding Babies,  by Drool n' Dribble.  Order yours today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012REIBQG.

20% off promo code for use on Amazon: 4CAT2YE7  (offer valid for a limited time.)

Below you will find a demonstration videos.



Also, on a very positive note, Drool n' Dribble donates a portion of all sales to www.childrenscharities.org    A Mommy Warrior thumbs up for Drool n' Dribble!

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